» 10 Amazing Tools to Create Powerful Visual Content

  • Antoinette Cain

    Thanks Emily! I used Canva for the first time on my latest post. I love it. I will be checking out the other apps that you have listed.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      That’s so cool @antoinettecain:disqus – I will have to go check out your post! I’m always preaching the awesomeness of Canva – so easy and fun! x

  • Zotabox

    Fantastic go to list for a newbie like me to create wonderful design. Thanks Emily

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Oh you are super welcome @disqus_f1tMHnJP7f:disqus! Have some fun with it! Enjoy!

  • http://www.relaythat.com Craig Carpenter

    Thank you for featuring relaythat.com in your list Emily! We just launched and are doing our best to build out unique features that nobody has. It truly is becoming the fastest, easiest way for non-designers to get results with their visual marketing strategy.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey @carpentercraig:disqus – You are very welcome, I’m delighted to include relaythat.com on the list for sure – I LOVED that I had the opportunity to try it out in beta so thanks so much for the opportunity! I think it’s awesome what you are doing and wish you MASSIVE success! Relay ROCKS!

  • http://juleskalpauli.com/ Julie S Kalungi

    I absolutely Love Canva too Emily. I also use a couple of other apps and tools.

    The rest are completely new to me and I am bookmarking this so I can play with the wee ones when they get back on using new apps and resources. They are my assistants on that front :)

    Visual Marketing is so hot right now, any entrepreneur not paying attention will wake up with barely any engagement on their content!

    Thanks for sharing these Emily. This girl Absolutely rocks xxxx

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      The kids are all naturals with these tools aren’t they @juliekalungi:disqus ! My middle kiddo is all over my video tools – he loves them.

      Totally agree with you about those not embracing visual content marketing – That’s one of the reasons I love to empower entrepreneurs, to show them it’s not difficult to create visual content, everyone has value to share and they can do it in their OWN awesome way.

  • Stephanie Arwine

    This has way more tools than I can digest in one pass. Bookmarking and coming back Tweeting

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      I hear you @stephaniearwine:disqus – Exactly why I created I list of my faves, just try one out and see how you get on. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the love x

  • http://www.youdeservefreedom.com Alex Ford

    Awesome resources Emily! I love Canva and Wordswag. And yes, visual marketing is so important these days. Thanks for sharing :)

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Cheers @alexford_ydf:disqus – Yeah Canva and Wordswag are both awesome! I love that we can all create amazing visuals without having to be designers!

  • http://www.chrisshouse.com/ chrisshouse

    Thank you for the wonderful places to go and check out!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      My absolute pleasure @chrisshouse:disqus – Have fun and enjoy x

  • P.H.C.- BR

    These look like easy to use tools and I am going to start using some of these websites for sure. Thanks for sharing Emily!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      That’s it exactly @phcbr:disqus – empowering people and making it easy to create powerful visuals! Times sure have changed huh! Enjoy these tools!

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    yes!!!!! more tools to use for my biz, thank u emily

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      You are mega welcome @sheenayapchan:disqus – enjoy!

  • Tara Woodruff

    Thank you So Much Emily!! Always learn something AMAZING here!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Aww – you are super welcome @disqus_FDOvACN0c1:disqus!

  • http://www.thetruthpreneur.com The Truthpreneur

    Great tools. I haven’t heard of a few and I will check them out. It’s great to see what’s out there to see if you can incorporate it or if it works for you. Visual is the way to go and I like the way you use visual on your site so I will look into these. I will say I adore canva and all the new things they have added. Creating fun e-books are awesome as well on canva

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      You’re right visuals are so important @TheTruthppreneur! Canva is amazing and I am also enjoying Canva for Work – the magic resize is sooo handy!

  • http://www.spiderworking.com/ Amanda Webb

    I hadn’t heard of infogram before, it looks amazing. So nice to find a post about tools that doesn’t just list the popular ones.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Thanks Amanda! Glad you found a new tool to try out! Enjoy X

  • http://virtualvalley.io/ Tom

    Emily, thanks for sharing this posts! Fantastic easy-to-use social content and image creator you’ve got here. Honestly, I have used a few (Canva, piktochart and infogram), but will absolutely try other listed apps as well and will definitely share this to my folks!

    • Emily la Grange

      So glad you enjoyed the post Tom! Happy creating!!