» How to create a social media marketing plan in 6 easy steps

  • Mike Hobbs

    Excellent advice, Emily. “Market to everyone and you’ll sell to no one.” I like your simple six step social media marketing plan!

    • Emily la Grange

      That quote says it all doesn’t it Mike? Thanks Mike, I appreciate you.

  • Jenjer

    First of all, I love, love love your blog design. I’m a fan of the pink,black, and white. Thank you for giving me a game plan for 2015! Your awesome!

    • Emily la Grange

      Aww thank you Jenjer, you are so sweet! And for the game plan you are sooo welcome! I know you’ll rock it out in 2015 :D

  • Declan Ryan

    Really great strategy laid out here Emily – lots to take action on!

    • http://emilylagrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey Declan! Thanks for stopping by, glad you appreciate it. Yep, action beats intention!

  • Sheena

    these are awesome social media tips. thank you emily, i have so much more clarity with my social media marketing

    • http://emilylagrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey Sheena! Awesome, Soooo delighted to help! x

  • Louise Watson

    Thanks for the tips, Emily! This has definitely given me plenty to think about in this year. It’s so easy to want to drive straight in without thinking about who you’re aiming at or what exactly you’re hoping to achieve. Thanks again for putting me back on the right track!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      My pleasure Louise. Here’s to a super 2017! x

  • Brandi Kennedy

    These are great tips, and I love the suggestion to automate – I’ve been working on that quite a bit this year, and it has made a huge difference for me in stress levels and schedule time.


    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Oh YESSS Brandi! Automating all those kind of tasks can hugely reduce stress – I’m all for that!! Glad you enjoyed x

  • http://www.jessicalaurenvine.com Jessica Lauren Vine

    You’re amazing Emily. Great tips as always and so beautifully written! Keep up the great work I love it! =D

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Bless Jessica, you are super welcome lovely! xx

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    You are very welcome Katie! You are so right, I’m all for reducing overwhelm in social media! x

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    Aww bless Lashay! Appreciating your kind words x

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    My pleasure Christian, glad you enjoyed!

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    You are super welcome Diana!

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    Hey MelAnn, it’s a total pleasure, delighted to help and so glad we connected too x