» How to define your ideal customer avatar [+fill-able worksheets]

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    I always get a powerful transformation each time I go through this journey. Thanks for laying out so clear here Emily!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/ultimate-guide-getting-crystal-clear-on-your-ideal-customer-your-avatar/ Emily la Grange

      Me too Alecia! Such a powerful exercise. I’m thankful to be part of this bootcamp and surrounded by awesome women like you x

  • http://www.chooseafreelife.com/how-to-build-a-loyal-audience-on-the-web-with-6-critical-steps-detailed-infograph/ Layla Black

    YEP… loved your step 4!

    Going to have to go back to my post and update it :)

    Great work here Emily, you’ve done an amazing job with all of the steps we laid out!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/ultimate-guide-getting-crystal-clear-on-your-ideal-customer-your-avatar/ Emily la Grange

      Thanks so much Layla!!! I soooo appreciate you and the AMAZING Super Women Connection!!!

  • http://www.momoneymommy.com Trishaly

    Thanks Emily great job on your assignment Val is an Awe$ome avatar, I know you can help her, you already are helping and inspiring ladies like her.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/ultimate-guide-getting-crystal-clear-on-your-ideal-customer-your-avatar/ Emily la Grange

      Thank you Trishaly, I really appreciate your comment!! I am so glad to get clear on Val, it makes such a huge difference to everything from now onwards.

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  • Krystal

    Incredible content Emily!! Thank you for sharing all this value in a step by step way. I have enjoyed creating my branding through these exercises!! Krystal

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  • Lisa Balthaser

    What an awesome post, Emily! I love how you integrated Soundcloud! I may have to copy that because I have been trying to figure our how to integrate Soundcloud into what I do. This is a very thorough blog post jam packed with great info for those who are stuck!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment @lisabalthaser:disqus! Appreciating your kind words!

      Yes, I am totally excited to include an audio into my blog posts and Soundcloud works so well, I am really pleased with the result. Plus you can tap into the soundcloud audience too! Looking forward seeing how you use it!

  • http://www.thecraftymusician.com The Crafty Musician

    Hi Emily! Thanks for your post. This is such a great breakdown on how to create a customer avatar. Thanks for sharing the info about the *. I really didn’t know you could use the google keyword tool in that way. After reading this, I now realize that I have a lot of unanswered questions about my target market that could help me relate more to them.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      You are super welcome @thecraftymusician! Delighted to help. The * tip is a really good one huh! It was definitely one I had to share because it helped me so much. Good luck with defining your avatar, defo worth the time to get clear x

  • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

    Whoops – thanks for pointing that out @MelAnnM:disqus – I fixed that glitch! Glad you enjoyed the post x