» How to Record iPhone Screen on PC [So you can make funky 'how to' videos]

  • http://Www.instagramchief.com Punit

    Great job emily..
    You always provide nice and valuable tips and tricks..
    Thanks for sharing

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You are very welcome Punit! Delighted to help ya – ENJOY!

    • http://juleskalpauli.com Julie Syl Kalungi

      Indeed she does that’s why I love Visiting Emily’s blog Punit!

      And does this Reflector work on Androids? coz I have an Android Sony so Would love if it works on it as well. Thanks Emily for always rocking out super tools and resources to eutomate our Businesses

      • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

        Aww thanks Julie!!!

        Yes Reflector 2 works on Androids – it’s super awesome indeed! Enjoy xx

  • http://www.xraycattravels.com/ Marko ‘X Ray Cat’

    Thanks Emily for sharing this.

    I was looking for the same solution and didn’t find anything great.
    I wasn’t possessed with finding it too :)

    But this looks very cool and will give it a try.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Hey Marko!

      When I was Googling I found a bunch of really geeky sites which didn’t ‘speak to me’ – so I was glad to find this simple option.


  • http://www.elizenglish.com Elizabeth English

    Thanks Emily for sharing Reflector 2. It looks like a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. .

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You are very welcome Elizabeth! It’s a great way to make some awesome videos from the palm of your hand!

  • http://www.bizeasesupport.com Terry Green

    I’ve yet to get into doing videos. I know I need to at some point in the near future, and it would be great to be able to record them on my iPhone 6 and send them directly to my PC. Maybe I’ll install the trial and play around with it a bit. You never know … I might get hooked :)

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Hey Terry! Videos are powerful, and yep it’s pretty nifty to be able to show what you are doing on your phone, demo an app, show a neat tip etc… Let me know how you get on, we’d love to see you making videos!!

  • http://www.bizbuzzin.com Meiko Martin

    I’m another one that hasn’t done videos yet. But I’m working on a bridge video and I hope after Vegas I’ll be able to finish that up properly.

    You mention iPhone, but I assume this will work with Androids as well. I’ll check into it. May be a good way for me to get doing videos. Thanks, Emily.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Hey Meiko!

      Oh YES – Defo get your videos ON!!! Events are a huge way to boost your video confidence! I had a huge breakthrough a few year ago and started making videos after it.

      Yep Reflector 2 works on Androids to you can go go go! x

  • http://www.JelenaOstrovska.com Jelena Ostrovska

    Hey Emily!
    Great tool! Gonna check it out. Right now I’m using Mobizen, it works pretty great too! :)

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Awesome Jelena!

      I hadn’t heard of Mobizen, let me know how you get on x

  • http://www.sheenayapchan.com Sheena

    i didnt even know this was possible. thanks for sharing this emily

    • Emily la Grange

      It’s NINJA for sure Sheena!! You’re welcome x

  • http://www.airsquirrels.com Tom Crilley

    We are so glad you like Reflector 2, Emily! It’s always great to hear positive feedback from the people who use our software. We should have some pretty cool new Reflector 2 features coming out in the next month or so in a free update. Stay on the lookout for new announcements!

    • Emily la Grange

      I totally do love it Tom!

      So awesome that you connected with me and I’m looking forward to your announcements!

      Keep ROCKING the awesome!!

  • http://www.mindsetmama.com Nancy Loehr

    Hey Emily! I’m going to check this out and I will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to testing. Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of info.

    • Emily la Grange

      Yes! Let me know for sure Nancy! Enjoy x

  • http://nadia_khvo@hotmail.com Nadezhhda

    Thank you Emily for helpful post and easy to use this tip. I have to look for it too.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You’re super welcome Nadia! Happy to help x

  • http://www.big-vision.org/creative-thinking-a-how-to-guide/ Elaine

    This is great Emily I was wondering how to do this and now I know! Thanks

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      It’s totally my pleasure Elaine! Happy to help ya x

  • http://LouiseM.com Louise Myers

    Since I’m on Mac, Reflector is one that’s been on my list for… oh, probably a year! ;)

    It looks totally cool and I’m sure I’ll eventually get it. I mean, what a fun and easy way to make videos, right?

    Great to know it’s now for PC too. I aways get questions like that!

    Thanks for another great tip!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You are super welcome Louise! Reflector is really cool. I love being able to show what I’m doing on my phone, waaay better that just taking screenshots! And so awesome that it works for PC.