» 10 Quotes to Discover Your Authentic Self and Build a Personal Brand

  • http://www.bloggingbabyboomer.com Carol Makowski

    Really great quotes Emily. I couldn’t pick a favorite — love them all. And I appreciate the context you place them in — personal branding. Very good — thank you. Really enjoyed this post.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Thanks sooo much Carol! So glad you enjoyed the quotes!! x

  • http://LouiseM.com Louise Myers

    Your branding is exceptional. (Remember? That’s how we met!) How did you come up with it?

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Aww you are so lovely Louise!

      My branding sure evolved over the last few years – it’s funny when I look back at how it started out!

  • http://www.bizbuzzin.com Meiko Martin

    Great quotes there Emily. Love them all. And never forget, “To thine own self be true.”

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Thanks Meiko! EXACTUMONDO – Be YOU xx

  • http://profitwithvitaliy.com Vitaliy

    Hey Emily awesome I love those quotes, building a personal brand is crucial in this industry and in the process you will discover yourself, thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      It truly is crucial Vitaliy! Got to stand out and be remarkable :D

  • http://www.the-wandering-brit.com/5thingstodointoronto/ Darren

    Thanks Emily, number 3 is my favourite I think. Some great quotes! :)

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You’re very welcome Darren. I love that one too!

  • http://www.sheenayapchan.com Sheena

    love the quotes you shared

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Cheers Sheena! Glad you enjoyed them :D

  • http://blog.christiancarpeso.com Christian Carpeso

    I never thought that there’s actually quotes that helps you discover your brand. Thanks for sharing these Emily.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      It’s all about realising that you are your brand Christian. I love to encourage people to step up and brand themselves!

  • http://goo.gl/LdW8N0 Julie S Kalungi

    I love your brand it rocks and Yes It sure stands Out Emily. And Guess which quote I love the most “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.❞ – Oscar Wilde” yup if I become someone else who will be me and the world will miss out on my awesomeness :) I will tell you the Rainbow rule…”do unto others the way they wanna be done to” Your brand must reflect that!

    Its also essential to understand that as a solopreneur most Internet Marketers nee dot stand out and be counted That means stepping out of the cow pasture, Want to be the Bull amongst eh sheep lol. Package ourselves in the right way for the people and our audience.

    And You lady rock. Thanks for these Personal Branding Quotes.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      You are super welcome Julie! Thank you for an awesome comment.

      Exactly – Be your own awesome self! I heard this a few years ago and it made me realise how important it actually is to go out and show the world who you are!

  • http://www.xraycattravels.com/ Marko ‘X Ray Cat’

    Thanks Emily for sharing these awesome quotes :)

    Really liked all of them!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Thanks so much Marko! I appreciate you :D

  • http://www.louisemwatson.com Louise

    Hi Emily, great quotes, and I can definitely identify with what you were saying that the beginning. I think that’s where I am at the moment; just realising that I’m doing myself and others a disservice by playing small.

    I particularly like number 9 – I know I’ve spent too much time worrying about what I can’t (or don’t think I can) do instead of focussing on my strengths. Funny how so many of us do the same thing – yet we all think we’re the only ones!

    Thanks for a great post!

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/BlogON Emily la Grange

      Thanks so much Louise! I’m glad you enjoyed the quotes too.

      I think in this country so many people are conditioned to play small and not to shine. It’s definitely time to turn that around and live your life to the max.

      You are awesome and I’m so glad to be connected x

  • http://carinabeger.com Carina Beger

    Hi Emily. Great share. Your umbrella is your personal brand and you market different products under your umbrella. You should market different products and training as well. In case one of the products disappears from the market for any reason … there have been some nasty news lately where network marketers lost their whole business only because the company they were representing closed.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/Work-with-Emily Emily la Grange

      Exactly Carina! So many network marketers are marketing their company/product rather than themselves. Not a good idea at all! Brand YOU x

  • http://mydiycrush.com/10-diy-dollar-store-crafts/ Carol

    Emily these quotes really make you think huh? I love them! I think I’m going to print these out and make a collage to put above my desk so that I can be reminded when I start losing my focus :D

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/Work-with-Emily Emily la Grange

      Oh WOW Carol – That’s so lovely! Send me a pic if you do xx

  • http://alittlecurl.com/be-a-great-writer/ Cathy

    I’ve always loved the Oscar Wild quote at no’ 8 :)
    Had a similar realisation moment not too long ago when talking with a graphic developer friend – he pointed out I’d become a little too much ‘outta the box’ obvious and begun to blend in (never a good thing) so I had a bit of a re-evaluation session & then a re-vamp.

    Great post – very inspirational.

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/Work-with-Emily Emily la Grange

      Oh that’s so cool Cathy! I hear ya – gotta stand up and stand out as your own AWESOME self! x

  • http://www.smallgigsmarketing.com Anna

    I LOVE quotes, and I find that many others do as well making this type of social promo a must have. Some of the most popular social media accounts do nothing but share inspiring quotes from others. Thanks for putting this great list together – Anna

    • http://www.emilylagrange.com/Work-with-Emily Emily la Grange

      Aww thanks Anna! I love to curate different types of quotes that inspire me. Glad you enjoyed them x