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How to define your ideal customer avatar [+fill-able worksheets]

Learn how to define your ideal customer avatar, so you can avoid hit-or-miss marketing and can create content perfectly designed to attract and help them.

How to Create and Upload a Custom YouTube Thumbnail

Ever uploaded a YouTube video and thought – “urgh – that’s not a pretty looking video still?” Learn how to create and upload your own custom video thumbnails.

10 Quotes to Discover Your Authentic Self and Build a Personal Brand

Personal branding is not just about slapping up a logo and getting a domain name. It goes deeper than that and it comes from within your heart. Here are 10 Quotes to help you discover your authentic self and build a personal brand

[Blog Design Secrets #8] How to Create Custom Banners for Your Blog

Do you promote a business opportunity on your blog with banner ads? Do you realise that these are the same banners that all your fellow direct sales distributors and team members will also have on their blogs? earn how to be original…

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