» 9 Simple Steps to Get More Eyeballs on Your Blog

  • Louise Watson

    Thanks for tips, Emily. I think I’m doing most of this already – good to know I’m on the right track! As always, I’ve got room for improvement though – my opt in’s not on every page, and rather crucially, I’m not always sure what my audience wants. Attempts to find out (via surveys etc.) have resulted in not very much – maybe that means I’m already giving it to them (I can only hope!) Thanks again!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey Louise!

      I’m sure you are definitely on the right track. And hey we ALL have room for improvement.

      I have to say that very often our perfect customer is just like us (maybe just at a different stage in our journy) – so things that you have learnt will help them etc etc.

  • http://www.smallgigsmarketing.com/ Anna Hewstan

    I have a blog checklist that I review and add to when I find a great new tip. Glad that I have almost everything on mine that you have here. Being consistent sure makes a huge difference!

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey Anna!

      Great to have you here. Yes a checklist is a great idea. Cool that we are both thinking along similar lines.

  • http://www.getmywellness.com Ben Carter

    Thanks for the reminders. The biggest thing I need to work on is building my list and all things related to the list – opt-in, etc. I guess I should get busy on that again.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      That was defo one of my biggest mistakes Ben – and actually a VERY common one. I’ve heard of many folk online who now have HUGE lists now, but didn’t build them from day one. SumoMe has a wonderful suite of tools to help anyone build their list – check them out and see for yourself.

  • http://juleskalpauli.com/ Julie S Kalungi

    Hey Emily,

    It was almost like I was reading my list…You said it all.
    I hold regular surveys to ensure I am delivering value to my list.

    Its easy to think one knows their audience until you really sit down and dissect that elephant, you wont find that targeted audience. And that is something you have on track emily!

    There is always something new to be learnt from your blogs.
    Keep dropping em nuggets :)


    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      You know I only got really clear about my target audience earlier this year – it makes such a difference. The old thing of “Market to everyone and you’ll sell to no-one” is super true.

      Clarity is KEY!

      You’ve defo got that going on @juliekalungi:disqus – Great to have you here x

  • Antoinette Cain

    These are great tips. The one area that I am definitely seeking to improve is blogging more consistently. I have been doing much better at it by writing out a blogging calendar.

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Having a blogging calendar is a great way to stop the overwhelm and get your thoughts sorted out – Go you @antoinettecain:disqus!! x

  • Claudia Rinaldi Spartera

    I have to work on the call to action: I always forget to, do you have tips for working on it?

    • http://EmilylaGrange.com Emily la Grange

      Hey Claudia! Calls to action can come in many different forms, for example to leave a comment, to share on social media, to get a free report, P.S lines also work really well for many bloggers. Asking people to sign up for your email newsletter isn’t as effective as giving them a free report… See how you can fit them in to suit your audience.